Like many people in the UK, and around the world, we are all deeply shocked and saddened by the news that reached us yesterday evening that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died, bringing to an end her heroic and historic reign. Although we knew that such a day was always going to come eventually, it does not lessen or dull the reality of the occasion when such life-changing news finally occurs. Thursday 8th September 2022 will be a day etched into the history of our nation; when the very fabric of our national life was changed forever.

At N. S. Wibberley Funerals, as people who work with the reality of death everyday, we are able to draw some comfort from the fact that Her Majesty lived a full and majestic life, and died peacefully at home in her favourite residence, surrounded by family. We have all been privileged to witness one of the greatest monarchs in human history serve and lead for over seven decades, growing from a young and inexperienced new Queen in 1952 into the mammoth world-leading diplomat and states-person we have watched and loved for all these years.

Death is always sad and always hurts. The nation is now mourning the loss of a figurehead from whom we have all taken our lead for most (or all) of our lives. Queen Elizabeth’s legacy will doubtless be far greater than any of us can imagine at the moment. It is difficult to know how to sum up or pay tribute to such an unbelievable life and incredible person; so instead I will use words Her Majesty herself uttered, originally to describe her husband, but which I think apply just as perfectly to Queen Elizabeth herself.

“She was someone who didn’t take easily to compliments but she has, quite simply, been our strength and stay all these years and this, and many other countries, owe her a debt greater than she would ever claim, or we shall ever know.” (Adapted from a speech by HM Queen Elizabeth II)

May God grant rest to Queen Elizabeth II,
and a long life to King Charles III.

Nicholas Wibberley
CEO, N. S. Wibberley Funerals Ltd