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Choosing the right coffin for a loved one is a significant decision that deserves careful consideration. A coffin can be much more than just a vessel to hold the body; it can be a representation of a person’s life and a tribute to their memory. The right coffin can provide comfort and closure for grieving family and friends. It can also reflect the individual’s personality, values, and preferences. A carefully chosen coffin can create a lasting legacy that honors and celebrates the life of the person. This page will guide you through the many options available to help you choose the right coffin for your loved one.

Our traditional & eco-friendly coffins 

We are proud to offer this extensive range of different coffins from a number of suppliers from all over the UK and further afield.

We have hand-selected this coffin range to give a wide range of options, from the very simple, to the very elaborate. Celebrating our founders’ love of classical music, most of our coffins are named after famous composers.

As proud members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors, we are also delighted to be able to offer a wide range of environmentally friendly natural options for coffins.

You can view and download our coffin brochure here for detailed information about all of our range. 

For more information about any of these coffins, please speak to us directly.

View our coffin brochure here

American-style caskets

Our range of exceptional quality metal and wooden ‘American-style’ caskets, offering a distinctive and elegant feel to any funeral.

Our metal casket range comes in various colours and finishes including bronze, copper, classic gold and white. These caskets are suitable for burial only. All our metal caskets are suitable for international repatriation.

Our finely-crafted solid hardwood and veneer caskets are produced from superb-quality wood species to satisfy all. By taking advantage of global sourcing to find premium lumber, we can offer our customers remarkably beautiful products that appeal to the eye as well as the touch.

You can view and download our coffin brochure here for detailed information about all of our range. 

View our casket borchure here