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Funerals and burials that tread lightly on the Earth

During the planning stage everything was explained to us in detail by Nick so that we were able to plan the funeral in the way that we wanted.

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Our philosophy on funerals

We believe that a beautifully arranged funeral is more than a tradition and a farewell. It’s an opportunity to celebrate a life, find peace and acceptance and bring calm to a time that can be filled with worry, sorrow and confusion.

It’s an honour we never take for granted and we are deeply invested in caring for both your family and the deceased to the highest standard. We love what we do and it shows in the way we do it.

Choosing an eco-friendly funeral

As the world works towards more sustainable ways of living and preserving our environment, we’re dedicated to offering you a variety of greener ways to honour your loved one. 

We know that eco-friendly funerals will be new to many, so our experienced team is ready to guide you through all the options and find sustainable ways to bring your vision of the day to life. Accredited natural burials and coffins for sustainable funerals are two of our most popular options, which you can always combine with more traditional elements to create a truly personal and bespoke service.

Natural or woodland burials

Surrounded by natural beauty, woodland burial sites are a memorable and sustainable alternative to traditional burials and cremations. With a choice of a burial plot or the scattering of ashes in a forest, meadow or orchard, we find that people often take comfort in the idea of returning their loved one to the Earth.

A woodland burial aims not only to minimise our impact on the environment, but preserve and even assist the natural world. While embalming is not permitted – the chemicals can be harmful to plants and wildlife – biodegradable coffins and natural memorials, such as plants or trees, are welcome.

Biodegradable coffins and more

We offer willow, banana leaf, pandanus, bamboo and even cardboard coffins. If there’s a particular material you have in mind, we’ll do our utmost to source it for you. 

As an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical embalming, we carefully wash, dress and prepare the deceased, making sure they look their best for anyone who wishes to spend time by their side in our chapel of rest.

Taking care of everything

From collecting the deceased and caring for them to arranging and conducting the funeral, our team of experienced, professional and compassionate funeral directors look after every detail.

Starting from scratch,
or bringing their vision to life


Don’t worry if you’re not sure what your loved one wanted or how to begin planning a funeral. You’ll find us friendly, approachable and highly experienced in all kinds of funerals. We’ll ask the right questions about the deceased and their family, make suggestions where we feel they’d be helpful, and offer guidance and advice wherever you need it.

Or, if your loved one left specific instructions, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. In our years of conducting funerals, we’ve seen all kinds of ways to honour someone’s life. There’s nothing too imaginative, opulent or original when it comes to our funerals, and we are honoured to take responsibility for helping you plan the perfect celebration.

Gather together, anywhere in the world

We know how difficult it can be for friends and family when they’re unable to pay their respects to a loved one in person. Our on-site chapel of rest is fitted with state-of-the-art webcasting equipment, giving you the option to hold a service that guests can attend from anywhere in the world. This two-way technology allows guests to watch the proceedings live, as well as be seen and heard in the chapel. Services can include a viewing of the body, private prayer, closing the coffin for the last time or any ideas you might like to suggest.

We’ll talk you through it

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