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I was recommended the services of N.S. Wibberley Funerals by a member of our church and I was very happy that we went with Nick and his team.

Funeral Client - January 2020

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Our Funeral Options

Information on all of our funeral options and prices

Welcome to N. S. Wibberley Funerals’ Planning Ahead Service. This is your opportunity to record your funeral wishes in advance, ensuring your final tribute reflects your unique journey.

At N. S. Wibberley Funerals, we believe in celebrating life by planning for the future, leaving behind a meaningful document that resonates with your heart and provides peace of mind to your loved ones during difficult times.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Take control of your final send-off and leave behind a precious document of your funeral wishes.

Peace of Mind:
By recording your preferences, you relieve your loved ones from making difficult decisions during their time of grief.

Create a heartfelt tribute that celebrates your life’s moments, values, and memories.

Expert Guidance:
Our caring team of funeral specialists will ensure every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Time for Reflection:
During face-to-face meetings, we’ll help you explore various aspects to consider, ensuring your wishes are comprehensive.

Recording Your Wishes with Us

Our compassionate team, with years of expertise in planning beautiful funeral services, is here to guide you through the process of recording your funeral wishes. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your plan reflects your unique personality and values.

Backed by Experience, Guided by Compassion

At N. S. Wibberley Funerals, we are committed to providing the highest level of expertise and care as you record your funeral wishes. Take control of your farewell and leave a lasting tribute that truly represents you. 

Our ‘recording your wishes’ packages

Simple Plan (£150)
Our entry-level plan includes:

– Personalised face-to-face meeting(s) with our expert team to record your funeral wishes.
– Benefit from our team’s extensive experience in planning beautiful funeral services every day.
– Receive a fully typed and compiled document of your wishes, provided digitally and with two hard copies.
– Keep one hard copy for yourself and provide the other to your next of kin or church, ensuring your wishes are known and respected.

Complex Plan (£285):
In addition to the Simple Plan, our Complex Plan offers:

– Extended face-to-face consultations, accommodating more in-depth planning if required.
– Expert assistance in liaising with third parties for special arrangements or multiple location
– Support in gathering information about family grave plots or other intricate aspects of your plan.

Paying for your funeral in advance

As part of our commitment to offering a comprehensive service, we can recommend our trusted external funeral planning fund  for those interested in pre-paying for their funeral. This service is entirely optional and separate from the ‘Recording Your Wishes’ packages. Our registered external plan provider is Ecclesiastical Planning Serivce. Contact them directly on ‭0800 028 9046‬ to book a plan now.