We are so pleased to say that yet another two members of the close family have joined our small family team!

Brenda Haas (aunt / aunt-in-law to Rachael and Nick) joins our team as our our new Wordsmith. As our content creator and blogger, Brenda will add her experience and interest to our new blog, giving our readers the benefit of her experience of subjects such as wellbeing, hobbies, new starts and many many more. Brenda is a professional writer of much acclaim, having worked for a number of newspapers, and having contributed to many publications around the world. Brenda published her book a number of years ago chronicling her travels as a Malaysian abroad. It is great having her creative and inspiring content on our blog, helping our readers and the local community to traverse a number of key topics in life.


Claire Wibberley (sister / sister-in-law to Nick and Rachael) joined the team during lockdown as a part-time Funeral Conductor. Working alongside Nick and the rest of the team, Claire has managed and conducted a number of our funerals throughout 2020. ‘Conducting’ a funeral means managing every aspect of the proceedings on the day so that the family can focus on the funeral itself and not the logistics. So, from vehicles to flowers, pallbearers to priests, orders of service to organists, photographers to traffic wardens, every aspect of the logistics is overseen and ‘stage-managed’ by the conductor. More recently, Claire has returned to her main role running her own driving school in Beckenham (clairesdrivers.co.uk), but is still a valued member of the team and conducts funerals when needed.


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