We are pleased to have launched a new blog, designed to record of the musings of our managers and funeral directors, together with a regular host of content designed to help people with general wellbeing or important current affairs.

The posts will be a mixture of ‘behind the scenes’ accounts of our work, together with fact-finding and/or myth-busting articles about the funeral profession, and general wellbeing and lifestyle posts designed to help the people who read them. Our blog is designed both to give a glimpse into the world of the funeral industry, and to provide our readers (mainly made up to the bereaved families we have served) with insights into new activities of wellbeing, hobbies, and ideas for the change in their lives which the sad bereavement they have recently suffered will doubtless cause.

If you have any ideas of articles you would like to submit, please do get in touch. We would like this to be a resource of the community, for the community!

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