Great news!

We are delighted to announce that our very own Andrew Matthews has been shortlisted for the final stages of a national competition about rising stars in the funeral industry. 

The competition asks managers in the funeral industry to nominate new members of their team who are fresh starters in the funeral industry, but who is rapidly becoming key members of the team and community without whom the funeral business would be unimaginable. We definitely thought this described Andrew in a nutshell!

When Andrew came to us just over a year ago, he had never worked in the funeral industry before. Since joining he has become an irreplaceable key member of the team, working closely with every family we have, regularly travelling out to hospitals and other locations to bring deceased people into our care, managing our mortuary operations, supervising our fleet of vehicles, and driving vehicles on every funeral we do.

As a finalist, Andrew now has to be interviewed by the national judging panel for the competition, and hopefully we will know in the coming months if he has been declared the national rising star of the funeral industry! We are very proud of him, and wish him all the best for the final stage of the process.