Our Funerals

We are pleased to offer fully bespoke options for funerals, with no pressure for families to ‘fit in’ with what people say is normal, but instead work out exactly what they want for the right way to say goodbye to their loved one. 

What does an N. S. Wibberley funeral cost?

Here’s a comparison of some of our example funerals. All aspects are changable and you can choose what you like.

These are examples only:

Example for CREMATION


made up of:
Funeral Essentials £1400
Bach coffin £250
Hearse & bearers £450
One limousine £260
Cremation £650*
Minister/celebrant £220

Example for BURIAL


made up of:
Funeral Essentials £1400
Bach coffin £250
Hearse & bearers £450
One limousine £260
New Grave £3266*
Minister/celebrant £220

Prices include third-party charges
*Prices based on Lewisham Cemeteries and Crematorium

‘Bowie’ Direct Cremation


made up of:
Funeral Essentials £1400
Bach coffin £250
Coffin transport £200
Cremation £650*
Doctors’ fees 164

How it works

Our funerals are fully bespoke. They are approachable and simple in their arrangements. We will meet with you and go through everything you want for your loved one, then we will take care of everything for you.

Our funerals are made up of three aspects:

1. The Essentials – £1400
Arranging and Conducting the Funeral       [£900]
This covers the majority of the professional work we will do on your behalf. Working with you to arrange all of the legal, personal and physical arrangements of the funeral. We will take care of everything from organising application paperwork, to liaising with churches, ministers, cemeteries, florists, printers and any other person or organisation in the run up to making the funeral for your loved one as good as it can be.  

Transport and Care of the Deceased       [£500]
Bringing your loved one from their current resting place into our care and looking after them in our state-of-the-art facilities right up until the funeral. We will care for them lovingly as if they were a member of our own family, and we will prepare, clean and dress them in any way you ask us to. 

2. The Disbursements
The disbursements are third-party charges which, for ease, we pay on your behalf. These might typically include the crematorium or cemetery, as well as celebrants or ministers. In the case of a cremation this will also include doctors’ fees. These prices are always set by the third-party provider, and we do not add anything to them. They can be very different from funeral to funeral depending on the details you choose. 

3. The Funeral Variables

The Coffin [from £250]
Choose from our wide range of different coffins. We have a separate brochure with full details of our coffins. 

The Vehicles 
Choose from our range of different hearses and limousines. Our standard fleets are the traditional black motorised vehicles; however, we also have silver and white as well as rarer alternative fleets, and horse-drawn funerals. 

Optional extras to consider


It is a lovely gesture for family or friends to carry (or ‘bear’) the coffin of a loved one themselves at a funeral. However, if you would prefer, you can use a team of profes- sional bearers to do this for you. We provide a team of four bearers as standard.

Speak to us directly about whether you feel you would like family and friends to bear the coffin, or whether you would prefer for us to do it on your behalf.


We do not routinely embalm people as part of our ‘standard’ services. However, there may be circumstances when you would prefer us to, or when we might advise that it is the best way to care for your loved one or prepare them in the run up to their funeral. Embalming is never compulsory, but there may be reasons why we advise it in occasional circumstances.


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